Photoluminescent Technologies

IR-Emitting Photoluminescent Materials

IR-Emitting photoluminescent materials offer a versatile solution for identification in darkness.  Invisible to the human eye during the day, they glow brightly with the use of aided optics in the dark.  Can be produced in a variety of different materials, such as dust, badges and signs for both active and passive monitoring.

For example, dust particles can be dispersed throughout an area and will be naturally camouflaged by dirt and sand in daylight. Once dark, particles glow brightly with the use of aided optics, so it is easy to identify tracks and movement.  Affix patches to jackets and helmets for ‘friend or foe’ identification in darkness; to military assets or landmarks for route navigation at night; and more.

Safety and Security without Electricity

Cereus™ Photoluminescent paints light the way without electricity.  Our photoluminescent paints provide an easy-to-install, low maintenance, energy saving solution that keeps personnel safe in any dark environment, indoors or out.   Paint charges for 15 minutes in any light and illuminates for 10-15 hours.

See It In Action

IR patch in daylight and viewed through IR Scope at night

IR-Emitting Dust in daylight and viewed through IR scope at night

Stairwell painted with photoluminescent paint – day and night views